How Can You Measure Your Dog for The Perfect Sliding Door Dog Door Insert?

Your dog needs to go out regularly and the ordeal of you getting up every time to open and close the door can be a frustrating affair. You might even end up scolding your dog for the number of times he or she needs to go out for attending nature’s call. This is where you should stop and invest in a good quality dog door for your beloved pet so that he or she can go or come inside the home as and when needed!

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Choosing the right door

When you are planning to buy a sliding door insert for your dog, you must ensure it is of the correct width and height. This will ensure your dog has no problems to move through it when going out or entering your home. Experts in the field say you must measure your dog first before you invest in the right product.

Choosing the perfect dog door for your pet

You first need to measure your dog so that you buy the right product for him or her. You may have a small breed or a large breed dog. When it comes to investing in the right door insert keep the following points in mind-

1. Choose the size that is at least 1.5 to 2 inches from the tallest parts of your dog’s body. The height on the ground should be low enough for your dog to easily step over its threshold.

2. Make sure you are aware of your dog’s mobility issues- Some large breed dogs might have mobility issues so when you are choosing the dog door insert, make sure that your dog gets a low step to navigate through the opening. As your dog ages, he or she will become less agile, and moreover, if you have many other pets at home, this guideline for the perfect sliding door dog door insert will help you largely to select the best product for them.

3. Open the door of the sliding door as wide as your dog needs to go through in comfort. You should use the size of the opening of the door over measuring your dog with a ruler to determine the correct width. Motivate your dog with a treat so that he or she walks through the door for you to take the right measurements.

In case your dog has a very deep chest or a low slung, you should customise the size of the door accordingly. Some companies give you custom made dog door inserts so that you can get the right one for your dog without hassles at all.

Note that when you are buying a sliding door dog insert, ensure that you buy them from credible companies. In this way, you will get durability and quality for your dog. The dog door you buy is a one-time investment so choose a company that has good reviews and customer testimonials in the market. The right dog door insert will ensure that you get value for money, and it will positively contribute to your dog’s health too in the long-run.