What We Should Do in case of an Unfair Dismissal

Everyday, we might face a lot of surprises especially with the line of our work. Anything can happen at our workplace but we are often caught surprised. Sadly, there are so many injustices that we can find in a workplace. Rights of employees are not properly respected and they are often deprived of the respect that is required. Other employees suffer from bullying both from their employer and other fellow employees. The worst is, they are often issued with unfair dismissal they might get them caught off guard and they do not know what to do. Many have been victims of this kind of injustice and they often fail to live up with their rights and just surrender from the fight. However, as an employee we should not forget the proper procedure on how we can address our case and fight for our rights. Also in a case of an accident happened at work or at public place, public liability lawyers can help you get  your accident compensation.

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The First Aid for the situation

When we encounter some disagreements with our employer, we should not hurry to file any complaint. Likewise, when we receive the notice that we are dismissed unfairly, we need not react violently. Instead, we need to silently and calmly approach our employer and tried to talk the situation out. Many injustices in the office are kindly resolved because one or both parties take the initiative to talk with one another. There is no harm in trying to discuss the problem with your employer. Ask kindly about his reasons why he wanted us to be let go. Reconciliation is a first aid for these kinds of situations. We can even have specialists to work with us to fix anything that is behind the issue. What we need to work hard for even before we will become an employee is to know how to talk resolution to other people.


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Getting the Help from Professionals

Oftentimes, disagreements might not be always resolved through peaceful confrontations. These times we need outside help and employees often turn to jurisdictions who can help them with the disputes with their employers. This kind of assistance is only available for employees who have been working for a company for one year or more. They can ask their assistance to help make a claim for the injustice that happened. For extreme case of injustices, anyone can make a claim even if they are new to the company. However, there is a time limit when you can make the complaint. You need to remember also the factors that would make you unqualified for the complaint.

When complaints are Unnecessary

Before we start any work, we have a contract to sign. And one thing that we should look for is the part where it is clarified what steps we should take when there are injustices at work. Most companies never want to deal with complaints and they minimize them by setting strict rules regarding when filing for complaints.

It is important that even if we are just an employee, we know our rights and we should know what we should do when those rights are abused.

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